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Date: 11/21/18 18:33
Imported Snow and a Surprise
Author: cn6218

The snow in Halifax from last weekend is now completely gone (that will change tonight!), but 120 brought some of their own on lead ET44AC 3013 as they rolled past Moirs Mills this morning at 10:44.  When I got a closer look at the image, I realized it wasn't just snow either.  There appears to be part of a tree buried in there, which has badly bent the right front handrail on 3013.

The surprise was CN train 999, which turned out to be the Loram rail grinder train LMIX 3411 (aka RG411).  This particular rail grinder train is not listed in the TSG, but it appears to consist of (head end to tail) a power/cab unit, tank car, four grinding units, two more tanks, generator car, converted baggage car, bi-level bunk car, and control cab/fire fighting unit at the far end.  They were heading (in reverse) to Truro where the train would be wye'd before going to Moncton where the crew would have a day off.  999 and 120 met at Millview, and the conversation between the crews indicated that there was a LOT of snow on on the Springhill Sub this morning.  In fact, I learned later in the day that a "snow day" was declared in Kentville (Annapolis Valley), only about 100 km from where I was in Halifax.

In the attached picture, RG411 is heading away from me, at a track speed of roughly 30 mph.  The cab at the other end appears to have full controls, so it's not necessary to radio backing instructions to the engineer when shoving in reverse.


Date: 11/22/18 06:52
Re: Imported Snow and a Surprise
Author: andrewcastle

I am happy you caught 120, I saw the train going through Elmsdale with all the snow and the bent handrail but I didn't have my camera or the time to chase the train so I was hoping somebody closer to town would be able to get a shot.

Andrew C

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