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Date: 12/06/18 17:34
Stainless Steel Ocean
Author: cn6218

Yesterday's VIA 15 out of Halifax was expected to be the last trip of the Budd equipment on the Ocean.  The trip coincided with good weather (for a change) and some free time for me, so I chased the train until sundown.  The consist (as recorded on Monday in Moncton) was:



Chateau Bienville
Chateau Dollier
Brock Manor
Chateau Brulé
Chateau Roberval
Assiniboine Park

These three images are approaching Stewiacke, NS; slowing (but not stopping) for the flag stop at Springhill Jct.; and finally, crossing the Tantramar Marsh approaching Sackville, NB. I was hoping for sunlight on the marsh, but a longer than expected station stop in Truro meant the sun dipped below the hills to the west of Sackville just before the train got there.

Although this was supposed to be the last Budd trip, as of last night, ReserVia was showing Budd equipment until at least December 21st, so I should have some more opportunities during these shortest days of the year.


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Date: 12/06/18 17:55
Re: Stainless Steel Ocean
Author: AndyBrown

Nice looking train; I love that broadside!


Date: 12/06/18 22:19
Re: Stainless Steel Ocean
Author: perklocal

Beautiful ! Love the lighting.

Date: 12/07/18 05:59
Re: Stainless Steel Ocean
Author: DrawingroomA

cn6218 Wrote:

> ...
> Although this was supposed to be the last Budd
> trip, as of last night, ReserVia was showing Budd
> equipment until at least December 21st, so I
> should have some more opportunities during these
> shortest days of the year.

Yes, those are great photos. Thanks for posting them.

Although Reservia shows Budd equipment tonight on #14, the return of that train as #15 on Sunday still shows Ren.  The same consist shows Ren. until Friday the 21st (#14) when it shows Budd with all berths and cabins sold out. But the return of the same consist on the 23rd shows Ren. No doubt there is a lot of work changing passengers' accommodation.  Most railfans  don't care for Renaissance - as if that matters - but in my experience most passengers are happy with it. There are some who would prefer the economical upper and lower berths, but those who take single occupancy of the "cabins for 2" at a modest supplement do not wish for the return of roomettes.

Many years ago when the Ren. equipment was being phased in, there were changes in consists. I had booked a Ren.room with shower for the first time on the Ocean. Having travelled a few times on the Toronto-Montreal  Enterprise I became instantly fond of that accommodation. A phone call from VIA advised that I was being downgraded to a roomette. I firmly, but politely, said I had  paid for a ticket that reads double bedroom (as they were then called) and that is what I wanted. I was told I could have a double bedroom but would have to pay the higher supplement which applies to Budd doubles. A supervisor was consulted and I was allowed to have the larger room, obviously without a private shower.

Against my better judgment I allowed several friends to persuade me to accompany them on a trip to Halifax in two months. I love Halifax and go at least once a year, but I prefer to go between April and October. My dear wife gave a pained expression when I asked her if she would like to go, but she gave me her blessing to go. If this substitution is still ongoing in two months I fear I may encounter the same difficulty getting what I paid for. I will cancel the trip before I will take a roomette, especially one in a Chateau sleeper. Over the past 50 years or so I have travelled in roomettes countless times, but they have lost their appeal.

Date: 12/07/18 20:37
Re: Stainless Steel Ocean
Author: nonamemal

Great pictures that make me miss the train to Gaspe.
Being from Southern California, there was a big effort involved in getting up there to ride one or the other Budd train to Halifax or Gaspe, but it was worth it! The Canadian is good too, but it takes too long and costs too much, to be considered for a long weekend outing using airline points for the air portion.
People say time travel doesn't exist? Maybe not. But riding on a well maintained VIA Budd trainset is pretty damn close!

Date: 12/08/18 22:37
Re: Stainless Steel Ocean
Author: feclark

What a gorgeous pastel sky on the Tantramar Marsh shot; maybe not what you'd hoped to get, but well worth it.

Date: 12/12/18 09:35
Re: Stainless Steel Ocean
Author: ns1000

I like Pic 1!!

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