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Date: 12/31/18 15:53
My top 6 of 2018
Author: Mberry

I had a productive 2018 and with a new year just around the corner, I figured I would post six of my favourite shots from 2018. A happy new year to all the Trainorders members and thanks for all the posts and comments during 2018.

1-CN 149's power has just backed onto a cut of intermodal cars that had been left here by CN 121 the previous night in Montreal. Soon the train will head west and add these cars to the head end of their train, which is waiting on the current main line. Due to massive infrastructure changes in the area, these tracks became CN's new main line this past August, but at the time these tracks were only used for block swapping or car storage. Power is a trio of SD75I’s (CN 5732, CN 5742 & CN 5673). January 28.

2-I couldn't have gotten any luckier with my timing here, as CN 543 at left (with CSXT 3224 & CSX 468 for power) is backing up at Turcot West in Montreal, just as CN 323 passes at right, with BCOL 4649, CN 2599, BCOL 4643 and only 22 cars. February 8.

3-A highlight for Montreal railfans last winter were the SLR detours, due to washed out bridge at Bromptonville, Qc, SLR trains were entering Montreal via CP's Adirondack Sub. Here is the second to last inbound detour in the sun. The power was QGRY 3105, CBFX 6028, SLR 3803 & SLR 803 and the train is crossing CP's bridge across the St. Lawrence River. April 2.

Michael Berry

Date: 12/31/18 15:56
Re: My top 6 of 2018
Author: Mberry

4- The power on VIA 15 (wrapped unit VIA 6402 along with VIA 6426 & VIA 6445) is covered in snow as it backs up towards Central Station in Montreal, its voyage from Halifax nearly over. April 5.

5-GP9's CN 7226 & CN 4115 lead a short cut of intermodal traffic out of the Port of Montreal. June 21.

6-With its namesake Mont-Orford looming in the background, the Orford Express is crossing the Eastman trestle before changing directions and heading east to Sherbrooke. Leading is the only FL9 in use in Canada. September 16.

Date: 12/31/18 16:56
Re: My top 6 of 2018
Author: refarkas

You saved your best image for last.

Date: 12/31/18 17:43
Re: My top 6 of 2018
Author: gaspeamtrak

I really have enjoyed your photos from this past year !
I used to live in Montreal and the surrounding area. These photos bring back many fond memories...
Looking forward to 2019 and hopefully more pictures from you!
Just have a question for you if you don't mind ?
I was wondering if you have any info on what's happening with the "Gaspe" line from Matapedia to Gaspe?
It's been one and a half years since the Quebec government announced that they were spending $ 100 million dolars on it.
I know they are bring the windmill blades from my hometown of Gaspe to Chandler or New Richmond to load onto flatcars and there is some sort of major cement plant in Port Daniel?
I hope I get a chance to see the line back in service in my lifetime with Via Rail running to Gaspe  again.
Thank you for your great photos and Happy New Year to you and everybody else on TO.. :):):)

Date: 12/31/18 22:57
Re: My top 6 of 2018
Author: krm152

Liked all your photos.  However, Photo 6 is an Absolute Winner!
Thanks for your great posting.

Date: 01/01/19 18:54
Re: My top 6 of 2018
Author: Mberry

Thanks. Honestly I haven't kept track of the work on that line very much, but I believe trackwork has begun on it. Michael

Date: 01/01/19 21:20
Re: My top 6 of 2018
Author: jp1822

If they got the line restored back to Churchill so quickly after being devastated, not sure what is taking so long in getting service to Gaspe restored, especially if the province has already bought the line and/or allocated money towards its repair. Would seem that the province has to jump start and commit to getting the repairs in order.  The trip to Gaspe is a gorgeous route and even had a LOT of local following, bringing people to/from the peninsula and Montreal. Chatted with many folks on this line who had homes and families out on the Matapedia-Gaspe line but used the train as a unique overnight life line to get to their place of work in Montreal for work three to four days a week, maintaining an apartment in Montreal.  Lots of repair needed on the line, but a lot was required on the line to Churchill as well! 

Date: 01/05/19 17:05
Re: My top 6 of 2018
Author: ns1000

Nice shots!!

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