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Date: 01/09/19 14:37
CN photos June 2018
Author: linton122

I just posted on the "learn how to take photos" thread and wanted to walk the walk and post a couple of photos.

I may regret this, but I welcome feedback on these shots. Please let me know what you like, dislike, what you would do differently, how it would make the shot better.

I'll do my best to describe the photo conditions. 

Top photo taken at station stop at Smithers, BC. Riding west on Via #8. Taken with Canon powershot point and shoot. 
Middle photo taken looking east, east of Carvel, Alberta. It is a photo of grading for adding a second main west of Edmonton. No trains in the photo, but, I hope it tells the story of what's to come. Taken late in the day with Canon 1000D
Last photo -- Yard job at Scotford Yard, Ft. Saskatchewan, Alberta. Kicking cars in the yard. Morning shot. Taken with Canon 1000D. 




Date: 01/09/19 14:47
Re: CN photos June 2018
Author: linton122

Okay, a little self criticism -- last photo was not the shot I meant to post. Too blurry. My apologies for posting a bad one. But, lesson learned. 

Try this: Same CN local switching at Scotford -- earlier shot- more clarity. A little less drama, however. 

Second photo is taken from overpass (through the chain link fencing) at north end of Settegast Yard, Houston, Texas -- Same Canon powershot.

BNSF splitting the signals at KC Union Station. Taken from overpass by station using Canon 1000D.



Date: 01/09/19 14:48
Re: CN photos June 2018
Author: linton122

This was the thread that got me started with my post: https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?16,4704390 

Date: 01/12/19 23:03
Re: CN photos June 2018
Author: feclark

Sorry for the delay; looks like we all left you hanging when you solicited feedback. So here's some, just opinions, of course. The first photo is a really nice composition, the Park car balances the station, and you've got a good exposure on the shadow side of the train. Tells a nice story, too. So does photo #2, even without a train. It also tells me I have to get out here once the work is complete, as there'll be a beautiful elevated vantage point with no trees for a couple of years. If the extension about 10-15 years ago at Ardrossan is any indicator, within about 2-3 years, the trees will start to establish themselves on the slope and the views will go to heck. The open nose door is a killer; I'd have probably taken the shot as well, and hated it. The UP power would be better, I think, composed vertically. All the power would have fit, and the geometry, even of Hercules on the platform, would fit better. Nice job on BNSF, releasing the shutter before the power merged with the signal mast. At first, that's one of those details you seem to need to remind yourself about, then it becomes second nature. As a more general comment, photograph trains because you like to be out there doing it, and please yourself, mostly. Taste is so personal that you can tie yourself in knots worrying about how others are reacting to your shots. Many people do brilliant work with a big telephoto, but my eye composes better around the 35 mm range (DSLR equivalent of the old 55 mm "standard" focal length lens), so I work there mostly. Hope this is useful to you; glad to have someone new posting.

Date: 01/13/19 12:58
Re: CN photos June 2018
Author: linton122

Hi Fred

Thanks for the thoughtful reply.
And thanks for the compliments.
Agreed on the UP shot. Agreed on CN switching shot.

I took a trip in late June from Calgary to Prince Rupert for work. Saw some awesome Canadian country.

I'll keep shooting.


Clif Linton

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