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Date: 02/03/19 22:37
MLW Monday in Smiths Falls
Author: moonliter

One Saturday I decided to see if anything was happening in Smiths Falls.  There I met Ben Diabilo, a gentleman that I known for a few years, better yet Ben was the superintendent.  Ben asked me if I would like to come along with him to the tower.  This tower was used to view the yards from, perhaps back_track_bob would have more details about the tower.  The tower did not last too long after my visit, replaced by video cameras on a telephone pole is my guess.

Photo 1: Looking eastward.  Work train being "yarded" by RS-18 8773 and RS-3 8446.  On the next track is a westbound with C-424 4217, an unidentified RS-3  followed by two GM B-units.  Another westbound can be seen in the far distance.  April 02, 1977  Smiths Falls, ON

Photo 2:  Smiths Falls is a division point on the CPR so the westbound will be coming to a stop in order to change crews. This train had a SD40-2 on the point with a freshly painted C-630 second position.  April 02, 1977

Photo 3:  Ben Diabilo helping out by throwing the switch for crew of 8773/8446.  April 02, 1977  Smiths Falls, ON

Gerry Gaugl
Ottawa ON

Date: 02/04/19 05:11
Re: MLW Monday in Smiths Falls
Author: robj

Great set of mixed power,, different view than you normally get.


Date: 02/04/19 08:03
Re: MLW Monday in Smiths Falls
Author: bobdavis

Neat string of CP 40' boxcars, in at least three different paint schemes.

Date: 02/04/19 09:45
Re: MLW Monday in Smiths Falls
Author: Mberry

Really nice!


Date: 02/04/19 21:40
Re: MLW Monday in Smiths Falls
Author: feclark

My goodness, great to see, especially 8446. By the time I was shooting in 1977, CP was down to five RS-3s with the regular nose intact, and I saw this one at the Falls a few times.

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