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Date: 03/08/19 05:37
oops and a sad day
Author: hoggerdoug

Never know what I'll find in some of the "yellow boxes" of forgotten slides. Two images of the afternoon yard crew in Williams Lake BC having a bad day switching the local sawmills. There is no date on the slides, but I figure it was most likely early 1976. From what I recall, a load or two rolled out and side swiped BCR 624, derailing and over on it's side. Fortunately nobody was hurt although I think one crew member got some demerits for not testing the hand brakes.

the third image is in my collection and the photographer is Bruce Mercer. Image taken in Simcoe, Ontario, June 12, 1975 of N&W 3659 being recovered. Couple of days prior to this image, 3659 dropped a traction motor gear casing, derailed and fell off the bridge. The two crew members in the cab perished in the ensuing fire. A sad day for railroaders.


Date: 03/08/19 06:34
Re: oops and a sad day
Author: gaspeamtrak

Nice photos Doug ! 
That last one is a reality check for sure !!!
Thank you for sharing !!! :):):)

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