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Canadian Railroads > Converted spine cars to log cars

Date: 05/12/19 16:57
Converted spine cars to log cars
Author: shortlineboss

Any  pictures and reporting marks?

Mike Root
Chandler, AZ

Date: 05/12/19 21:38
Re: Converted spine cars to log cars
Author: TCnR

How do you mean 'spine cars', as in the 5-pak and 10-pak articluated trailer on flatcar spine cars? Or in stand alone 4 axle cars with skinny frames that could be called 'spines'?

The National Steel Car manufactured cars with log 'bunks' or tall stakes have been around for a long time. There's also flat cars and bulkhead flat cars with bunks/stakes added.

Also curious who is loading logs onto rail cars, the last I heard it was only in Eugene Oregon with logs for export at a port on the Columbia River. There is also a nearby facility using similar cars for transporting finished Electric Utility poles to market. They use a similar NSC car but also modified flat cars up to 89 ft long and also idler cars for extended loads.

Date: 05/13/19 08:27
Re: Converted spine cars to log cars
Author: TCnR

This post might be of interest. Both car types are ex BCR, the first photo has WPRR reporting marks, it could be described as a spine car with Log Bunks, as built by NSC.

Date: 12/05/18 13:09
Salem Oregon derailment cleanup

Date: 05/13/19 17:49
Re: Converted spine cars to log cars
Author: asheldrake

isn't AERC also loading logs at Crabtree Oregon for delivery to Rainier and export?    Arlen

Date: 05/13/19 22:13
Re: Converted spine cars to log cars
Author: TCnR

It took me a while but I remember driving past that reload on a drive from Sweet home towards Eugene. Of course I got lost but it was out there somewhere. Interesting how the BCR requirements evolved into the longer modified flat car and then all three types end up in Oregon. I guess everybody retires in Oregon.

Date: 05/15/19 16:38
Re: Converted spine cars to log cars
Author: NSDTK

I know this was posted in Canadian railroads but for the sake of answering a above question theres alot of Hardwood trees moving between South Carolina, Tennesee, Alabama to Ga to a couple large hardwood saw mills. 

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