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Canadian Railroads > Canada Cut & Crushed Stone.

Date: 05/16/19 14:34
Canada Cut & Crushed Stone.
Author: hoggerdoug

Found these three images stashed away with some other photos. Scanned from Kodak Instamatic prints, no date but I most likely took them late summer of 1968 or thereabouts.
Canada Cut & Crushed Stone was a industrial fixture in the Dundas, ON area and had a very obscure lttle electric railway operation. The trains brought large rock from the pit near Hwy 5 to the primary crusher on the edge of the escarmpment overlooking Dundas. From the primary crusher the rocks fell by gravity to other crushers and screeners to the stockpiles. CN had trackage to one area of the loading area and TH&B Rly served the other area.
I would imagine the trains were 600 volt, overhead and handled two or three cars of rock. It was a pull & push operation with the loco coupled on one end of the train. Some of it was double track with spring switches on each end to enable trains to pass eachother.


Date: 05/16/19 14:37
Re: Canada Cut & Crushed Stone.
Author: refarkas

True industrial treasures. When I visited there, no tracks could be seen. Now I know what I missed.

Date: 05/16/19 21:01
Re: Canada Cut & Crushed Stone.
Author: thehighwayman

And unfortunately, the last vestiges of the line, in the form of the abutments for the railway bridge over Harvest Rd between the quarry and the crusher were removed a few years ago.


Will MacKenzie
Dundas, ON

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