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Date: 06/10/19 03:13
MLW Monday
Author: hoggerdoug

MLW Monday featuring BCR 701.
701 Gib: July 1975 at Gibraltar, pumping air after making a pickup of copper concentrate.
701 Dragon:, October 1979 northbound 701 heading into Dragon siding and meet with a CN detour train, note the green flags on CN 5245 for a following section.
701 Ques:, 701 at Quesnel June 1980, fresh paint after overhaul rebuild.


Date: 06/10/19 13:57
Re: MLW Monday
Author: TCnR

Great stuff. Happy Monday indeed.

Wish I had seen more of the northern operations, I was able to visit a few times until the end of the green paint.

Date: 06/10/19 17:27
Re: MLW Monday
Author: M-420

I was a big fan of the C630M's...

701 was the last of the BCR 6 motors in that version of the green paint and wore it until retired...

Brian E

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Date: 06/10/19 19:19
Re: MLW Monday
Author: perklocal

Fantastic !  That last shot from 1980 made my day !

Date: 06/11/19 06:56
Re: MLW Monday
Author: eminence_grise

701 has orange handrails. The colour og PGE/BCR handrails changed many times over the years.

Date: 06/11/19 14:45
Re: MLW Monday
Author: feclark

Beautiful angle on the first shot, and the third is nice for the freshness, plus the trailer. CN seemed to move the C-424s off-line as often as they could get someone to lease them.

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