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Canadian Railroads > VIA Ocean questions re. upcoming travel

Date: 06/12/19 09:26
VIA Ocean questions re. upcoming travel
Author: Chessie

I will be in the eastern provinces this summer on vacation.  Looking at the VIA Rail website it appears I can ride the OCEAN from Halifax NS to Rimouski QC then board the eastbound OCEAN one hour later to return to Halifax.  How is the scenery along this portion of the route?  Would I be better off to disembark east of Rimouski (Campbellton/Matapedia for a hotel) vs. maximizing my miles on the train (my first preference)?  VIA is showing a Renaissance consist on the westbound leg and Budds on the eastbound for the date I have in mind.  I'm figuring on booking a sleeper for at least the EB leg if not both.  TIA for any/all info. 

Date: 06/12/19 11:20
Re: VIA Ocean questions re. upcoming travel
Author: robj

Best I remember scenery improves west of Campbellton. East is not that exciting.


Date: 06/12/19 11:56
Re: VIA Ocean questions re. upcoming travel
Author: ghCBNS

The views are pretty good between Halifax and Moncton and especially along the Bedford Basin departing Halifax; Folly Lake/Wentworth Valley and the tidal areas around Amherst, Sackville and on into Moncton.

Between Moncton and Bathurst, you’re in the woods except for some views of the Miramichi River.

Westbound it’s after dark but from around Jacquet River to Campbellton you can look across to the lights along the Gaspe Coast.

Eastbound.....good views of the Matapedia Valley in the early morning and also daytime views of the Gaspe Coast (below)

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