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Date: 07/09/19 11:14
TH&B Tuesday
Author: hoggerdoug

A few more shots taken at Chatham Street roundhouse, Hamilton, Ontario. I have these dated October 1978. It appears that perhaps I made two trips to Chatham St while visiting family in the area. The sunlight did not cooperate, might have some bad film or maybe it was the camera operator.

8164 was for the CP "Goderich Job" that operated in and out of Hamilton. also note the deflector shield on the front.

TH&B 53 & 54, note the chain and pole on the front frame.  The roundhouse was built in 1929 and had 27 stalls. When I worked on the TH&B (1972-1973) some of the stalls were rented out to Netkin Produce. One day while working the 7am Aberdeen yard job, we had to go to the roundhouse, onto the turntable and pull out a carload of potatoes, turn on the turntable and place back inside so it could be unloaded from the proper side.

Date: 07/09/19 11:16
Re: TH&B Tuesday
Author: hoggerdoug

GP7  76 & 77 at the shops. 71 to 77 were the freight units and ran short hood forward.

Date: 07/09/19 11:19
Re: TH&B Tuesday
Author: hoggerdoug

TH&B had three GP9's equipped with steam generators for passenger service. 401, 402 & 403 ran long hood forward.  On this day I got 402 &403

Date: 07/09/19 11:22
Re: TH&B Tuesday
Author: hoggerdoug

Couple of cabooses at the car shop. When I worked there, the cabooses all had coal stoves for heat and I think they were eventually converted to oil stoves. Caboose 83 is one of the newer steel cabs TH&B bought later on.
Thanks for looking, sorry some of the images are not very well done.

Date: 07/09/19 13:15
Re: TH&B Tuesday
Author: CPR_4000

Hmm ... having been built by CP, were the TH&B Angus vans painted CP Action Yellow?

Date: 07/09/19 19:20
Re: TH&B Tuesday
Author: stlrailfan

Good stuff thanks for sharing. 
 My company owns ex CP SW1200RS # 8166 and we are currently having it overhauled and painted. 
                                                                                            Mark Mautner

Date: 07/09/19 20:08
Re: TH&B Tuesday
Author: feclark

Those were beautiful colours, and the scan of 54 in particular is really good.

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