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Date: 07/11/19 16:22
Taking in the "GO Show"
Author: DJ-12

I made a quick trip to Canada back in June tomeet up with my brother, a full fledged GO transit fanatic who was enjoying his own brief trip with his wifey. Our goal was to catch some of GO's last operating F59's making their final stand in some of the lighter density routes GO operates. The weather was gray and suzzy to downright rainy both days, but it did allow me to shoot without worrying about sun angles which was in some cases advantageous. Here are a few shots:
1. The evening rush hour is well under way at Toronto Union Station, as Via 76 from Windsor moves inbound, pacing an inbound GO train while another departs. This was one of many 3 train meets we caught. Train volume during the rush hour periods was really impressive. I'd have to guess the sheer number of GO, VIA, and Union Pearson movements between the west end of the station and Bathurst St must offer the densest passenger railroading to be seen in one stretch in North America outside of the NEC.
2. F59 563 leads an inbound train towards the station.
3. GO 564 moving east towards the station at Bathurst St. The amount of new construction going on in this area and in the western suburbs along the QEW was really impressive.

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Date: 07/11/19 16:34
Re: Taking in the "GO Show"
Author: DJ-12

4. Go 557 moves east towards the station at Bathurst St, passing under equally endangered searchlight signals. I think this was a deadhead to the depot from the coach yard.
5. GO 564 races past the restored depot at Unionville on the Stouffville line in the drizzle. As predicted by some of the kind folks on this site, there were several trainsets with F59's running on this line.
6. Late night, the frenetic pace of activity slows, but even then, action can heat up in an instant. VIA 88 inbound from Sarnia is flanked by two inbound GO trains, all moving east to arrive at the station with late night travelers.

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Date: 07/11/19 16:42
Re: Taking in the "GO Show"
Author: DJ-12

Our time in Toronto happened to coincide with one of VIA #1's departure days.
7, 8. The train left right on time, and was paced by 2 westbound GO trains, one doubleheaded with MP40's, the other with an F59 shoving, making for quite a parade at the west end of the station.
9. The icing on the cake was the suprise appearance of an inbound GO behind another F59 passing the Glacier Park obs on the end of the train.

Thanks for looking!

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Date: 07/11/19 18:49
Re: Taking in the "GO Show"
Author: refarkas

Excellent set of photos.

Date: 07/11/19 19:07
Re: Taking in the "GO Show"
Author: RuleG

Nice photos!

I was also in Toronto towards the end of June and went to Union Station several times.  Not once did I see an F59.

Date: 07/12/19 13:19
Re: Taking in the "GO Show"

Nice series of photos. I think most of who live here take GO Transit for gtanted.
Bill Turner
Hamilton Ont.

Date: 07/12/19 16:56
Re: Taking in the "GO Show"
Author: ns1000

Thanks for the pics...

Date: 07/12/19 17:35
Re: Taking in the "GO Show"
Author: King_Coal

I may have missed it, but all the equipment looks clean and well loved. Impressive show!

Date: 07/12/19 23:27
Re: Taking in the "GO Show"
Author: feclark

What a terrific series of shots; the Unionville one is so good, under difficult but typical southern Ontarion summer conditions. I have not been in the Union Station area since 1978, so the changes are very striking to me.

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