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Date: 08/05/19 09:18
Road trip advice needed
Author: BobE

Folks, I'm headed out on the road next week, and plan to devote most of my time to northern Ontario, Montreal and Vermont.  I've been to the latter two and know my way around.

I figure to transit Sault Ste Marie to Montreal over a few days.  I have good info on Ottawa Valley and Ontario Northland, but I need a bit more help.

Huron Central?

There used to be a Railtex shortline out of Hawkesbury, ON? Ontario L'Orignal, maybe?  I went to Hawkebury 20+ years ago, I think I found only a snowplow......is there a railroad, other than CN/CP there?

Perhaps stops at terminals a crew district away from Toronto might be rewarding.....I' have Mactier and Capreol stuck in my head, but these might not be right.  Any ideas here?

Is there anything worth looking at in Sudbury?



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Date: 08/05/19 21:33
Re: Road trip advice needed
Author: TCnR

Had the chance to scout around Sudbury a few years ago, it has all the right reasons for good train action but the routes and access are spread out across the area. I did find the town of Perry Sound, it has a nice downtown area, the lake front and a large bridge, they had directional running at the time so it seems a better chance for photos. I didn't have time to figure out the routine, that trip was pretty poor for chasing all around.

I was able to catch the Huron Central, not sure what they are doing now though. I went out to Worthington and then chased them back towards Sudbury, getting them at Whitefish or that area along on the side road. Other TO reports say to catch them at the Paper Mill at Espanola, but don't know if that is still operating. Also went out to Cartier and North Bay, lots of miles, was not able to photograph many trains though. This was in July and August of 2009. quite a while ago in many ways.


+ there's also been a few posts with photo locations in the area, try searching for Sudbury, Perry Sound, Huron Central, or similar.

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Date: 08/06/19 16:17
Re: Road trip advice needed
Author: Lackawanna484

Domtar recently announced they are modernizing the paper mill in Espanola. So there's a good chance they are still shipping / receiving.

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