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Canadian Railroads > Churchill Train #5

Date: 08/10/19 05:44
Churchill Train #5
Author: CNStratford

Several hours late, but finally arrival in Churchill.  On the way in the train reverse on a wye in the middle of a ghost town where Base Churchill once housed three thousand American troops during the Cold War.
Picture 1 - Unusused telepgaph poles still stand - all based on a tripod arranbgement because of the perma frost.
Picture 2 - The Churchill "freight" yards seem to have been upgraded.  In the background is the wide Churchill River.
Picture 3 - Atr the station.  The station is well kept up by Parks Canada.  The displays and shows there are really worthwhile.

Date: 08/10/19 09:17
Re: Churchill Train #5
Author: spider1319

Thanks for the posts.When we arrived in Churchill several years ago,we heard gunshots in town.We were told starter pistols to herd the polar bears out of town.We also visited the polar bear jail where repeat offenders await relocation.Our visit to the Parks Canada north of town the ranger carried a large rifle to protect us in the event of an attack.So,they are not kidding about the bears.What did the freight business look like? .Ww saw numerous grain export trains on our visit plus the wayfreight you descibed earlier.Bill Webb

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