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Canadian Railroads > When "smoke gets in your eyes".

Date: 08/11/19 05:00
When "smoke gets in your eyes".
Author: hoggerdoug

Three images from long ago.
smoke1, view from the caboose,  brake shoe smoke, having just descended the 2.2 percent grade and onto the Pine River bridge,on the BC Rail, Dawson Creek subdivision. July 1973

smoke 2 & 3 eastbound freight has just exited the Detroit Tunnel at Windsor, ON. I can't find an image of the locomotives exiting the portal, perhaps in the excitement I had a "camera fumble". Nor can I remember if it was a CN or C&O train. These images are from October 1978.

As a side story, during another visit with my brother in Windsor we had been out for the evening with members of the local live steam club. The meeting ended around 10pm and somebody had the bright idea of going to the tunnel and perhaps see a train. Somebody else remarked that they had never seen the west portal on the Detroit side of the tunnel. Away we went to Detroit, practically middle of the night. We never did see the west portal but had the grand tour of the Michigan Central station including a cab tour of the Turboliner train that was parked there. Quite an adventure way back when.

Date: 08/11/19 10:33
Re: When "smoke gets in your eyes".
Author: andersonb109

You wouldn't get near the tunnel  today on either side. Especially with a camera.  Lots of border patrol action on both sides looking for illegals aliens and would be terrorists to cross.

Date: 08/12/19 19:15
Re: When "smoke gets in your eyes".
Author: inCHI

Neat images, must have been awful for any crew that was near that amount of smoke.

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