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Canadian Railroads > Canadian Pacific Military Units?

Date: 10/29/19 06:46
Canadian Pacific Military Units?
Author: WeldedRail

Hi All,

I know a lot of people in here do not follow Facebook or Instagram but I saw a photo from a couple days ago of new tarped CP SD70ACU's on the BNSF local from Paducah, Kentucky to Galesburg, Illinois. The two visible units were numbered (I believe) 7021 and 7022 but apparently there were three more in the consist; 7023, 7024 and 6644 (all tarped). There was not a lot of information in the photo caption, but per the comments it sounded like these were commomorative Canadian Pacific military units. 

It was clear from the photo that one unit had dark burgandy trucks and fuel tank while the other had desert tan trucks and fuel tank. Many comments suggested unit 6644 would be a D-Day memorial unit. 

Has there been anything posted about these? Admittedly I do not check the Canadian Railraods Board much but a quick search did not reveal anything. Not sure where the units would be now beyond Galesburg. Something to keep an eye out for. And sorry, I do not have permission to post the photographers photo.

Thank you,

Date: 10/29/19 08:59
Re: Canadian Pacific Military Units?
Author: newtonville150

Lots of speculation on the interwebs. 6644, would be for 6th June, 1944, a.k.a D-Day. I heard that there would be announcement on CP social media tomorrow.

Date: 10/29/19 20:58
Re: Canadian Pacific Military Units?
Author: ST214

I also saw this photo, but I have no idea. I guess we will find out tomorrow. 

Date: 10/30/19 10:42
Re: Canadian Pacific Military Units?
Author: SOO6617

The CP locomotives were 7020 - 7023, and 6644.

Date: 10/30/19 11:27
Re: Canadian Pacific Military Units?
Author: WeldedRail

Sorry, looks like I was off by a number. Saw another photo showing all five units, still tarped but very colorful underframes. I did see another comment mentioning they would be unveiled November 11th which would make sense if they are in fact military paint schemes (Veterans / Remembrance Day). We will see, something to look forward to.


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