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Date: 12/01/19 18:54
Look Ma, No Poles!
Author: cn6218

As I mentioned the other day, CN has removed most of the old code line between Rockingham and Windsor Jct., on the Bedford Sub in Nova Scotia.  The process has been gradual, starting with Hurricane Juan in 2003, and finishing during the conductors' strike late in November.  Today was a fine day to get out and see the results, first with 120 at Bedford Quarry.  As a comparison, here is what it looked like a little more than two weeks ago:  https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?15,4905909

Not all the poles have been removed.  A few also carried electrical services for the signal system and defect detectors, and some near lakes are annual nesting spots for osprey which seem to like the high vantage point near their fishing spots.  This one is on an especially tall pole where the code line went over the Dartmouth Sub at Windsor Jct.

The wires seem intact west of signal H155-1 in Windsor Jct., although they don't seem to see a lot of maintenance, like tree clearing underneath.  At 12:45 today, the loaded gypsum train, 511 (unusual for a Sunday) was diverging from the Bedford to the Dartmouth Sub and entering OCS limits at mile 0.2 after having to stop at the home signal in the background and tying up traffic for 10 minutes or so.  Years ago, there were pole lines on both sides of the track here, but the trees are casting long shadows anyway at this time of year.  It will make a real difference for trains in the morning from the other side of the tracks.  The gypsum power is reversed from what it was earlier in the week, but Dash-9 2633 is still smoking it up after idling for a few minutes: https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?15,4910274


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