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Date: 01/10/20 05:35
Forty and Flares Friday
Author: cn6218

This was a rarity on more than one count.  To not have at least one CN painted diesel at the eastern end of the system was uncommon enough, but having two SD45s in the consist was something that has never happened before or since (in Halifax).

It was early November, 2003 and CN was still repairing damage from Hurricane Juan, so train 148 was travelling on the south track rather than the closer, north track.  GCFX 6058 is the former CN 5110.  Tucked in behind are Wisconsin Central SD45s 6587 and 7511, the former ATSF 1825 and BN 6517.  The numbers for the 45s are the originals.  They had several others on both Santa Fe and WC.


Date: 01/10/20 11:17
Re: Forty and Flares Friday
Author: refarkas

Rare image. Thank you for posting it.

Date: 01/11/20 20:56
Re: Forty and Flares Friday
Author: feclark

Not just rare, but a great shot even if it had been vanilla GP40-2(W)s. Well done.

Date: 01/12/20 16:34
Re: Forty and Flares Friday
Author: ns1000

Very nice..!!

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