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Canadian Railroads > Via around Montreal in 1978

Date: 01/17/20 07:48
Via around Montreal in 1978
Author: eminence_grise

In the winter of 1978, Via was morphing from a rebranding of the CN passenger services to a separate Government of Canada corporation. CP's passenger services would not be included until sometime in 1979.
In those years, I had only recently moved out west, and was enjoying a Christmas break in Montreal with my family, and spent a day with my railfan friends visiting familiar locations around the city. It's hard to believe this was 42 years ago. One thing that I notice is that some of these locations have vastly changed, and others are off limits.
The passenger trains were heavy with extra cars handling the Christmas rush. The first image shows the westbound Halifax-Montreal "Ocean Limited" approaching Montreal from the east. The second shows a short westbound Via train passing Lachine QC, minutes away from the suburban Dorval station stop.
The consists of both trains appear to be mostly repainted in Via blue.

Date: 01/17/20 08:00
Re: Via around Montreal in 1978
Author: gcm

Excellent images !
The Ocean this day was very impressive.
Thanks for posting these.

Date: 01/17/20 08:10
Re: Via around Montreal in 1978
Author: robj

Impressive trains with the MLWs wish I had gotten up there.


Date: 01/17/20 08:28
Re: Via around Montreal in 1978
Author: King_Coal

Fine FPA-4 photos. Great looking engines that seemed to be going strong even at this late date.

Date: 01/17/20 10:49
Re: Via around Montreal in 1978
Author: refarkas

Well-done historical images.

Date: 01/17/20 22:50
Re: Via around Montreal in 1978
Author: gaspeamtrak

The lashup in first picture is a classic down east train !!! Picture two is also a classic !!!
Thank you for sharing !!! :):):)

Date: 01/19/20 14:28
Re: Via around Montreal in 1978
Author: feclark

The red "VIA" on the nose sure helped that scheme.

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