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Canadian Railroads > Memo to CN: It ain't working

Date: 02/14/20 20:36
Memo to CN: It ain't working
Author: railsmith

Subject line says it all.

Date: 02/14/20 20:49
Re: Memo to CN: It ain't working
Author: thehighwayman

Hear hear!


Will MacKenzie
Dundas, ON

Date: 02/15/20 04:50
Re: Memo to CN: It ain't working
Author: algoma11

In CN's case its surprising the blockages, bearing in mind most of the remote northern areas of the network are native employees.
The end result will be ugly for non natives- either conflict or in Trudeaus usual fashion throw gobs of money at them.
The problem for the natives is they want the whole country back but should have started 400 years ago !
Now they want 22,000 hectares of unceded crown land in BC. Land that till Trudeau's done belongs to non natives as well as natives.

My last thought on this issue- Natives have damaged businesses and the econmy, threatened people's livelyhoods and in prior times their lives, marched in and taken peoples homes and properties at gun point ! IF you don't want racism to flourish don't encourage it by your actions !
You listening you so called hereditary chiefs.

Mike Bannon
St Catharines, ON

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