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Date: 03/17/20 11:47
Just Another Roster Shot
Author: cn6218

As a followup to Bob's post a few days ago, here is another [former] CN SD40, rebuilt and repainted for Connell Leasing so it could be leased back to CN.  GCFX 6062 is the former CN 5086, and has had extended range dynamic brakes and a pacesetter added during the rebuilding at AMF.  These were relatively rare in Nova Scotia, being maintained in Surrey, BC and assigned primarily to unit coal trains out west.  As a consequence, they were often filthy when we did see them, although this one looks to be the exception to the rule. Compared to the Dash-9 behind, 6062 is almost diminutive.

This slide was taken Christmas Day, 2002 at the Fairview Roundhouse, which probably explains why there was so much power sitting around.  25 years earlier, I would ride my 10-speed bike there from home, check in at the office, and be allowed to wander around inside the roundhouse (there was still an actual roundhouse in the '70s).  By the '90s things had tightened up considerably, and even a release wasn't a possibility any longer, there was just a "designated area" south of the turntable where fans could be.  Some time after this picture was taken, even that allowance ended.  Now the entire property is posted and off limits.


Date: 03/17/20 12:24
Re: Just Another Roster Shot
Author: refarkas

Great catch. What a contrast between the two!

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