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Date: 03/26/20 07:24
Lords of the Line
Author: mp35mountain

Just finished re-reading this book and it started my wondering whatever happened to some of the more recent pre Creel/ Harrison Presidents/ Chairmen of Canadian Pacific?  I know that Bill Stinson is with Westshore Terminal, but any ideas where Fred Green, Rob Ritchie, Dave O'Brien and Barry Scott ended up? Google provided little to no information!  TIA


Date: 03/26/20 07:43
Re: Lords of the Line
Author: Lackawanna484

Frederick Green is currently on the board of the TTX Corporation, and on the board of Calgary Petroleum. And several industry business groups. I've noticed media references sometimes eliminate the "k".

Date: 03/26/20 08:22
Re: Lords of the Line
Author: mp35mountain

Interesting, I thought that only representatives of the owning railroads were on the board of directors.


Date: 03/26/20 12:12
Re: Lords of the Line
Author: Marcus

Rob Ritchie has been on the Board of GATX Corporation since 2011.
Compensation was $209,000 in 2019.
At age 75, he will be retiring at the time of the GATX annual meeting in April, 2020.



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Date: 03/26/20 16:32
Re: Lords of the Line
Author: eminence_grise

Sir William Van Horne was a director of the Cuba Northern Railway, and was quite active in the management of that railway.

When the CPR was based in Montreal, it was common for senior officers of that railway to be on the Board of Directors of several other non railway corporations.

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