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Date: 05/14/20 11:02
Another Canadian Memory
Author: Blackfoot

The eastbound Canadian, about three or four miles away from arrival at Toronto Union Station.  I wanted to catch it at Pottery Road, but running short of time I backed up as close as I could to the Don River and caught it going through the s curves just south of the crossing.  Saturday, June 25th, 2011.


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Date: 05/14/20 17:58
Re: Another Canadian Memory
Author: gaspeamtrak

Great catch !!! What's the speed limit there ?
Thank you for sharing !!! :):):)

Date: 05/14/20 18:14
Re: Another Canadian Memory
Author: asheldrake

with a canceled september ticket....your video is VERY much appreciated and well done.....thanks also to the engineer for giving those walkers a toot....means a lot to me when I am often trackside at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center.....thank you,  Arlen

Date: 05/15/20 05:47
Re: Another Canadian Memory
Author: Goldie

Very nice. Thanks.

Date: 05/15/20 06:05
Re: Another Canadian Memory
Author: Blackfoot

No idea what the track speed would be.  Since this is the line that GO Transit's Richmond Hill trains use I would imagine it's at least 30mph, but that's just a wild guess.


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Date: 05/15/20 14:19
Re: Another Canadian Memory
Author: jp1822

The Canadian with 12 sleepers - combination of Manor and Chateau Sleepers. Nice to see! Back in the day of 3x per week service!

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