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Canadian Railroads > 20 Years Ago Today in Woodside.

Date: 05/15/20 08:15
20 Years Ago Today in Woodside.
Author: cn6218

20 years ago this afternoon, the un-numbered Dartmouth switch job was making its was back from Autoport with the results of the day's switching.  In addition to the usual autoracks, the covered hopper on the headpin is likely an empty drilling mud car.  At the time there was a fair bit of off-shore activity, and some of it was serviced from the Woodside terminal, just out of sight behind the hillside.

Like so many others, this scene has also changed in the last 20 years.  A rock breakwater has been added on the water side of the track to accommodate another sewer pipe, and the hillside on the left is home to the Nova Scotia Community College Waterfront Campus.


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Date: 05/15/20 16:22
Re: 20 Years Ago Today in Woodside.
Author: andrewcastle

Great stuff as always.

Andrew C

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