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Date: 06/17/20 09:29
What The !! Wednesday
Author: hoggerdoug

Way back February 2007 at Soda Creek on BC Rail there was a bit of an issue, images of the aftermath. A northbound train had a sticking brake which resulted in badly skidded set of wheels.If I recall, the train crew spotted the smoke and sparks of the skidding wheels was was in the process of coming to a controlled stop. The flattened wheels derailed at the switch and the derailed car sideswiped some cars standing in the siding. CN in there infinite wisdom just left the debris and rolled the derailed cars off to the side of the mainline. All this stuff was left for months and months before being cleaned up and the derailed cars cutup for scrap. The local rancher  offered to remove the cars for his use on the farm but CN declined.

Date: 06/17/20 09:31
Re: What The !! Wednesday
Author: hoggerdoug

 in the last image we had some spectators trying to photobomb my images.  thanks for looking.

Date: 06/17/20 18:37
Re: What The !! Wednesday
Author: tomstp

Sure bent the side frames on the truck.

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