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Date: 06/22/20 06:21
MLW Monday - WHRC Survivor
Author: cn6218

The arrival of four leased GP9RMs on the Windsor & Hantsport in the summer of 2005 spelled the end for their fleet of MLW RS-23s.

But one, 8036, hung on for a little while longer, mostly being used at the dumper in Hantsport by the Fundy Gypsum crews, but sometimes getting out on the road too.

That's what was happening on July 15, 2005 as the "wayfreight" pulled the cars CN had set out for them at Windsor Jct., NS out onto the east leg of the wye.  The switchstand in the foreground had an interesting arrangement that had two switchlocks, one for CN and the other for CP (later WHRC).  Unlocking just one of the two padlocks allowed a crewman to throw the switch.  The mainline switch to the wye just had a CN lock.  For some reason, WHRC did not get the same running rights into Halifax that CP had enjoyed.

In the second frame, the crew is all done and winding up the power as they enter OCS territory from the yard limits around the wye.


Date: 06/22/20 09:08
Re: MLW Monday - WHRC Survivor
Author: 3rdswitch

Very cool.

Date: 06/22/20 22:11
Re: MLW Monday - WHRC Survivor
Author: feclark

Love them both, but that first shot is killer.

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