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Date: 06/28/20 06:55
Railfans' Best Friend
Author: cn6218

Or "Weed Whacker", "Brush Cutter" and possibly some other monikers.

CN seems to run them far too infrequently IMHO, although I was pleased to see that something has been done in the last few days at one of my favourite locations, near mile 9 of the Bedford Sub.

This implement of destruction was photographed July 12, 1997 at Ocean Terminals in Halifax, NS.


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Date: 06/28/20 08:08
Re: Railfans' Best Friend
Author: gaspeamtrak

I had a"Dog" on my mind !!! :):):) LOL
I just got up and the brain had just got into gear...
Now I'm "LMAO" :):):)
Thank you for sharing that made my day !!! :):):)

Date: 06/28/20 11:55
Re: Railfans' Best Friend
Author: PHall

You'd never see those used in the west. One spark from those metal blades hitting a rock and the whole place goes up in flames.

Date: 06/28/20 22:25
Re: Railfans' Best Friend
Author: feclark

In the late 80s, one day (as scanner talk revealed), one of these on CP's Winchester Sub took out some wiring for the signals, and caused no end of havoc. Somebody got a talking to, no doubt.

Date: 07/01/20 20:29
Re: Railfans' Best Friend
Author: AndyBrown

Definitely!  Always nice after the brush cutter goes through.


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