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Date: 06/29/20 02:36
Meet Monday ?
Author: hoggerdoug

June 2008 on the Rocky Mountaineer we took the siding at Macalister BC on the BC Rail Prince George sub for a meet with a southbound freight train. After the train clears, we have another 37 miles left to run to Quesnel on this long trip from Whistler, approximately 315 rail miles total for the day and perhaps 14 hours on duty. Despite the long miles and hours it was a great job for the summer. The scenery was beautiful, food was excellent and the pay was spectacular. 

Date: 06/29/20 04:39
Re: Meet Monday ?
Author: refarkas

The lighting makes photo two a dramatic beauty.

Date: 06/29/20 06:55
Re: Meet Monday ?
Author: 3rdswitch

Shot of your train is a beauty. You could work fourteen hours up there?

Date: 06/29/20 07:31
Re: Meet Monday ?
Author: hoggerdoug

As per our collective agreement this was "excursion service" even though it was a "bid assignment". On this leg of the four day trip we operated on or portions of three subdivisions, paid a minimum day on each sub. I forget whether we could be on duty 16 or 18 hours in this service providing we were not more than 8 hours on any subdivision. So on this day, I received 3 minimum days pay, 24 hours pay and perhaps on duty 14 hours. Next day was short, Quesnel to Prince George, total time on duty 4 hours or less and got 8 hours pay.
It was a good paying job, 4 day trip and 5 days off.

3rdswitch Wrote:
> Shot of your train is a beauty. You could work
> fourteen hours up there?
> JB

Date: 07/01/20 13:36
Re: Meet Monday ?
Author: feclark

The second shot's a real beauty - greener than green, whiter than white, and a lovely livery.

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