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Canadian Railroads > MLW Monday at the Fairview Roundhouse

Date: 07/27/20 05:34
MLW Monday at the Fairview Roundhouse
Author: cn6218

Strictly  speaking, it's a Bombardier rather than MLW, but they were all powered by Alco 251 prime movers.

HR-616 2106 doesn't have much MLW company at the Fairview shop on April 15, 1997.  Everything else in view seems to be 2-cycle GM.  Judging by the M-K leaser in the background, CN must have been short of power at the time (the bulk of the SD75Is and Dash-9s would start arriving later that year), and that was the reason any MLWs were still in service.

Today the turntable is still there, although the last of the roundhouse buildings burned to the ground late last year.  Although it works, the shop crew tries to avoid using the table unless a unit absolutely has to be turned.


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