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Canadian Railroads > Monochrome Monday - EB Taking Siding at Clover Bar

Date: 09/07/20 09:50
Monochrome Monday - EB Taking Siding at Clover Bar
Author: feclark

Last week I posted my first experience shooting in B&W/monochrome on the DSLR, at https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?15,5095345. I found out I wasn't the only one not to have tried this before. This week, the photo is from the break imposed by a cloud bank on Monday, August 17. The photo vantage point is the Anthony Henday Drive overpass of the Wainwright Sub between Bretville Junction and Clover Bar Yard. A single track carries the Wainwright Sub across the big trestle at Bailey, then becomes two, adding a sort of balloon track that forms the top of the wye onto the Camrose Sub to the south. That second track comes back to a more normal spacing by the time the sub crosses the road into the industrial complex on the north side. Our subject is #196, and it's taking the siding at Clover Bar, whose alignment is the same as the south track to the west. I have to admit that this was the first time I think I'd ever heard a train calling the signal and taking siding at Clover Bar. Maybe I never noticed, or maybe just never here before when it happened.
The south track basically serves as a set of leads into Clover Bar yard, and the west ends of those are protected by automatic derails, which you can just make out, along with their status lights by the pilot of lead unit 8877 (trailing 2662, at 1009). It had been about a decade since I'd shot this area (ran out of ideas in the latter days of K64, then had a five-year gap before I got the DSLR), during which time the Henday overpass was constructed. I had never appreciated the track geometry fully until this shot, taken with the lens set at 140mm. I've lived in Edmonton 29 years; funny how long it can take to really see something.
By the way, movements in and out of Clover Bar yard will be followed by the announcement, "CN derail, mile 2-5-9 point 5 track C Wainwright Subdivision restored to derailing position repeat restored to derailing position." Or pretty close to that.

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