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Date: 09/12/20 04:09
SD45-2 Saturday
Author: cn6218

In the early 2000s, four SD45-2s leased from Helm were the backbone of the Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Rwy's road fleet.  Here's a collection of images from August 10, 2004 as 305 arrived in Truro, NS from Stellarton, dropped off their cars and then picked up cars left for them by CN and headed back home.

In the first image, CN train 307 from Dartmouth is in the foreground.  They've already picked up the Truro switcher (4719) and will likely leave town for Moncton as soon as 305 gets out of the way.  CBNS' three SD45-2s and shoving loads of pulpwood and coal into a track on the north side of the yard where they will be unloaded.  The coal was going to the cement plant in Brookfield, I'm not sure about the logs.

With the CN crew gone, the CBNS crew switched ends on the power and proceeded to the east end of the yard to sort their train.  They usually spent an hour or two getting things in the proper order (and still do today) before heading back to Stellarton.  The power this particular day was HATX 907, 914 and 912.

A few miles east of Truro, in the middle of the woods, is the location of the former siding Union.  There's nothing there today, just a wide spot in the roadbed next to the Salmon River.  I had quite a wait for the train as they switched in Truro yard, but it was enough time to find this high vantage point above the track.


Date: 09/14/20 05:39
Re: SD45-2 Saturday
Author: 3rdswitch

Really nice.

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