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Date: 09/14/20 03:30
MLW Monday at the End of the Line
Author: cn6218

The western end of the Windsor & Hantsport Rwy. was not nearly as busy as the gypsum hauling segment in the middle, but I did have some luck photographing the operations there over the years.  One such day was August 28, 2003 when the wayfreight left Windsor early in the morning to service the feed mill and potato chip plant in New Minas, near the end of track, about mile 54 of the Halifax Sub.  In the first image, the crew has just completed a runaround move to put the two RS-23s on the east end of the train, and will switch the Co-op mill and Frito-Lay.

About an hour later, with the work completed, the train of empties was in Avonport, having just crossed the tidal marsh and bridge over the Gaspereau River. 

The WHRC ceased operations (although technically did not abandon) west of Hantsport in the summer of 2007, trransloading product to trucks in Windsor instead.  The de facto end of the railway came in 2010 when the grain and cooking oil was transloaded in Truro or Halifax (on CN instead, cutting the WHRC out of the picture) and the gypsum business collasped.


Date: 09/14/20 05:37
Re: MLW Monday at the End of the Line
Author: 3rdswitch

What a great pair or shots.

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