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Date: 10/09/20 04:56
More Halifax & South Western
Author: cn6218

Phil had a few questions about the Halifax & South Western Rwy. on Wednesday, and the first image here was taken on June 19, 2004 on a remnant of the H&SW.  The H&SW ran along the south shore of Nova Scotia, between Halifax and Yarmouth, with a connection across the province between Bridgewater and Middleton, to the DAR.  Oddly enough, one of the last segments completed was the one shown here, tying the railway to Halifax directly.  The original connection was via a long trestle to the original ICR mainline in the north end of Halifax, but when the cut to Ocean Terminals was dug, the trestle was abandoned in favour of a horseshoe curve running down to Southwestern Jct. at mile 4.3 (see Wednesday's post).

By 2004, there were only about 5 miles of the H&SW remaining, and GP38-2 4708 was delivering a load of building materials to a warehouse in the former Volvo plant near mile 4.  The track wound through several subdivisions before reaching the industrial park.  This is Springvale Ave. in Fairmount.

The last train on the H&SW ran in 2007, but 4708 has been back in Halifax sporadically over the years.  It is one of several GP38-2s assigned to Halifax this particular week.  On August 21st 4708, along with GP9RM 4135 and GMTX GP38-2 2257 were taking a transfer downtown.  They're framed under the recently rebuilt concrete arch bridge carrying Quinpool Rd. in the second image, and then at Ocean Terminals with the Tower Rd. bridge above the train.


Date: 10/09/20 06:33
Re: More Halifax & South Western
Author: refarkas

Great set.

Date: 10/09/20 11:00
Re: More Halifax & South Western
Author: eminence_grise

Considering the fate of parts of the Canadian Northern system in Ontario and Quebec that were abandoned very shortly after the Canadian National takeover with some portions never seeing a train. (La Toque to Linton QC) , the building of the H&SW by CNor is surprising.

I applaud the CNor for their willingness to build rail lines where others wouldn't but it came back to haunt them sometimes.

Here is a question. CNor justified building many lines of railway with the offer of land grants by the Provinces they operated in.Also, CNor had multiple charters, many of which had shareholders. Did the H&SW have shareholders and also offer land for homesteading?

Hanna's "Trains of Recollection" details the rise and fall of the CNor system. Hanna was the Chief Financial Officer of CNor and details the sad day in 1910 when the railway started down the road to insolvency.

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Date: 10/09/20 13:30
Re: More Halifax & South Western
Author: feclark

I don't recall you posting that third angle before, with the fan of yard tracks. I love the non-turbo smoke, too; a lovely accent.

Date: 10/09/20 13:30
Re: More Halifax & South Western
Author: gcm

Very nice !

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