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Canadian Railroads > GTW Unit Spotted in Nova Scotia

Date: 10/12/20 10:12
GTW Unit Spotted in Nova Scotia
Author: cn6218

No, not that GTW unit, but a GP38-2, still wearing its blue and orange paint.

After 511 tied up the main line a day or two earlier because of power that couldn't haul even an empty train up the hill on wet rails, the pair of Dartmouth Geeps (5849 and 4706) was added to the consist on September 23rd to make sure they got to the mine and back.  They're shown here in Waverley, passing the westward approach signal to Windsor Jct. with the loaded train.  Gypsum trains have been known to stall on the hill between here and Dartmouth, but this one made it.  The Dash-9 and SD70M-2 were sent away on the next 407, and were replaced with something that worked a day or two later.

This isn't 5849's first paint job.  It started life as P&LE 2046 before moving to GTW in 1985.


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Date: 10/12/20 14:06
Re: GTW Unit Spotted in Nova Scotia
Author: robj

Makes for interesting set, not that up on GTW's left but just saw a pair posted in Chicago arera.


Date: 10/12/20 16:14
Re: GTW Unit Spotted in Nova Scotia

Hi Jef  I just saw your shot of GTW5849. that same unit showed up in Hamilton on 10/11/2020. It is now hard at work in and around our Stuart Street yardmated withCN 7032.

Bill Turner  Hamilton Ont

Date: 10/12/20 16:16
Re: GTW Unit Spotted in Nova Scotia
Author: andrewcastle

Interesting. I saw the westbound empty train in Enfield that morning with the two GP38-2s in the consist and was wondering what they were up to, now I know!

Andrew C

Date: 10/12/20 16:27
Re: GTW Unit Spotted in Nova Scotia
Author: cn6218

I guess it has gone back to be closer to home.  

We see units from CN's US components from time to time this far east, but it's rather uncommon.  And US switchers are downright rare.  There was an IC GP40 (31xx) for a few days 4 or 5 years ago, but I don't think I have seen a blue GTW diesel in more than 10 years.


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