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Canadian Railroads > A Streetcar and the Don River Bridge

Date: 10/16/20 05:13
A Streetcar and the Don River Bridge
Author: cn6218

On a visit to Toronto several years ago, I was wandering around with my camera and tried framing a streetcar crossing the Don River on Queen St. East.  The words above the bridge are a little difficult to read (This river I step in is not the river I stand in) and are a somewhat cryptic, but are attributed to Greek philosopher Heracleitus, and were added to the bridge decades after its original construction.  More to the story here: http://1000thingstoronto.com/35-queen-st-bridge/

The Toronto LRVs were once ubiquitous, and on August 13, 2003 it seemed like the parade would never end.  Now of course, it has ended, with them being replaced by a new generation of articulated vehicles.

Coincidentally, this was our last full day in Toronto before flying home to Halifax, just in time to avoid the massive Northeast Blackout that happened on August 14th.  There would be no streetcars moving that day!


Date: 10/16/20 05:38
Re: A Streetcar and the Don River Bridge
Author: refarkas

Excellent image - The arch makes a first-class photo prop.

Date: 10/16/20 07:53
Re: A Streetcar and the Don River Bridge
Author: mundo

I like it !

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