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Canadian Railroads > Sleepy Sunday Morning Gypsum Train

Date: 10/18/20 05:23
Sleepy Sunday Morning Gypsum Train
Author: cn6218

This image, of the empty gypsum train (then known as 701) leaving Wrights Cove for the mine in Milford, is a bit of a rarity.  Not because it didn't happen often, but because of where I was standing to take it.  I was on the Victoria Rd. overpass, near mile 10 of the Dartmouth Sub, normally a rather busy 4-lane highway with no real sidewalk.  However, at 08:45 on a Sunday morning it was quiet enough that I climbed up the embankment after 701 had shoved out of the plant trackage, and got them coming underneath.  In the background is the Dartmouth view of the A. Murray MacKay Bridge spanning the harbour.  Closer to me is Piercey's Building Supplies, later purchased by Rona, with their own company spur off the Dartmouth Sub.  Unfortunately, this was one of the stores Rona (now owned by Lowes) closed, so the spur has been idle lately.

When this picture was taken, there was almost always a second gypsum turn, 703, each evening, although trains on the weekends were rare.  The date for this one was June 27, 2004.


Date: 10/20/20 13:41
Re: Sleepy Sunday Morning Gypsum Train
Author: feclark

Nice shot: shows lots of context, great track geometry, lush but clear rail head, strong light.

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