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Date: 11/02/20 06:33
CBNS Ballast Extra
Author: cn6218

I've already posted some photos from this CBNS (Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia) work train that ran October 1st, but here's one more.  The train, powered by SD40-2 HLCX 7232, had started its trip a few minutes earlier at the division point of Havre Boucher, where the Hopewell and Sydney Subs meet.  The short train is travelling on "new" track, constructed in 1955 to connect with the Canso Causeway, and bypassing the ferry terminal at Mulgrave on the west side of the Strait.  Unlike the original line, constructed 60 years earlier, this alignment was mostly tangent track, starting at Linwood Jct., and heading right up to the coast at Cape Jack.  It then followed the coastline around to Aulds Cove where the causeway started.  

The lower line shown on the map has been abandoned for a while, perhaps just before the line was sold to RailTex in 1993.  It's just an ATV trail now.  If the proposed container pier at Melford (south of Mulgrave, on the mainland) ever gets built (I'm not holding my breath!), part of the Mulgrave spur would likely be relaid, but the new track would stay farther inland before reaching the coast.


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Date: 11/02/20 19:29
Re: CBNS Ballast Extra
Author: feclark

Neat shot! Do you happen to have a shot of a longer train riding the roller coaster further back (short trestle?)?

Date: 11/03/20 09:45
Re: CBNS Ballast Extra
Author: cn6218

There is a short plate girder bridge over the old highway (Rte. 4) just barely visible behind the train.  I'll see if I can dig out something showing a longer train at the same location.


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