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Date: 11/11/20 11:43
CP Revelstoke
Author: tomstp

Just watched a container train going west with unusual engine spacing (at least to me)  .    It was  1+1+1+1.  Is that a normal thing?

Date: 11/11/20 13:06
Re: CP Revelstoke
Author: PHall

It is for CP.

Date: 11/11/20 15:44
Re: CP Revelstoke
Author: WAF

For better train handling

Date: 11/12/20 05:32
Re: CP Revelstoke
Author: engineerinvirginia

WAF Wrote:
> For better train handling

It's also makes running fun for the engineer....particularly when the fence it up!

Date: 11/15/20 16:30
Re: CP Revelstoke
Author: Chessie

I can't remember if YT links are allowed here, but in any case if you do a search for

Monster CP Rail Train On the Big Hill in Field B.C.

you will find a video of a 2x1x1x1 DPU'ed train working up Kicking Horse Pass near one of the avalanche chutes that is visible from the highway with 161 stack "wells" and 23 auto racks. 


Date: 11/15/20 16:38
Re: CP Revelstoke
Author: jofegan

If the lead unit fails on this type of configuration, can the train still be operated with the lead unit controlling the 3-4 trailing DPU's?



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