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Date: 01/11/21 07:06
Monday Meet
Author: hoggerdoug

A bleak winter morning January 2005 south from Williams Lake BC on a Potter Turn "meet & greet" trip.
pt1 & pt2, Exeter Switcher Job in the clear at Exeter, having cleared the main track and authorized us through their work limits.
pt3 lead unit 4614 at Exeter, most likely pumping air after picking up some tonnage for the south.

Date: 01/11/21 07:10
Re: Monday Meet
Author: hoggerdoug

pt4. Meet at Potter siding and we did some power swapping.
pt5 Done shuffling some units and now ready to head into the siding and then north to Williams Lake
pt6 My Conductor having a chat with other crew about the hockey scores from last night. "Hurray up Don, I'm leaving without you".

thanks for looking even though these may be reposts.

Date: 01/11/21 07:54
Re: Monday Meet
Author: refarkas

Another quality set showing railroading from a different point of view.

Date: 01/11/21 09:40
Re: Monday Meet
Author: briancdn

Love that last photo. Very nice to get views from the cab. Not too many railroaders took photos on the job!

Brian N.

Date: 01/11/21 09:59
Re: Monday Meet
Author: M-420

You seem to have drawn one of those C44-9WL's as your leader quite often....

Brian E

Date: 01/12/21 10:23
Re: Monday Meet
Author: tomstp

Sure like your pictures.  Always interesting,.

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