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Date: 01/12/21 12:27
Last Year's Leftovers
Author: cn6218

I've got a few things from late last year in the "to be posted" file. 

Here's 511 from December 30.  The mine in Milford often does a Christmas shutdown until after New Years, but the 511 job was hauling gypsum anyway, even this late in the year.  This job traditionally had a unit train number, 701 or 703.  The change to a 500-series train number meant the crew could be assigned to do any work that was within 50 miles of their home terminal, so sometimes 511 will become a yard job in Rockingham when it suits management.  It's also not uncommon for the crew to deliver the power to Rockingham after they've finished in Dartmouth, so it can go to Moncton for servicing.  The loaded train is shown here at Wellington, mile 22 of the Bedford Sub, and then at mile 2.2 of the Dartmouth Sub in Waverley, NS.  Two big DC units is the typical power for these 7500 ton loaded trains.


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