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Date: 02/17/21 16:21
"On the rocks"
Author: hoggerdoug

February 17, 2007 we pranged a rock few miles north of Williams Lake BC on the former BC Rail.  The rock was much larger before impact and  at the time was a bit of a "pucker factor". Fortunately we did not derail although I did for the first time in my railway carer put the units into  throttle "emergency shutdown" after the emergency brake application, figuring on the worst.  As some would say "just another day on the railway".

Date: 02/17/21 17:40
Re: "On the rocks"
Author: Milwaukee

I'm glad the rock was the ball and you were the bat rather than the other way around.   

Thanks for sharing the photos and story with us here.

Date: 02/17/21 18:01
Re: "On the rocks"
Author: gaspeamtrak

I would almost have  s**t my pants seeing that on the tracks I think ! :):):)

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