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Date: 02/18/21 04:50
A Meet at Folly Lake
Author: cn6218

On February 18, 2013 I set out from Halifax, NS on a trip to New Brunswick and Maine.  I was hoping to see both 407, traveling in the same direction I was, and 120 going towards Halifax.  

Things worked out rather well despite the weather.  407 had already made their Truro pickup when I drove past, and I was able to shoot them still climbing Folly Mountain at 10:33 as they went under the former Trans Canada Hwy. at 10:33.  The train still had a few more miles to climb before reaching the level track alongside Folly Lake.  By 10:50 they were plowing snow in the siding as they neared the west end, and the location of the former Folly Lake station.

At 11:11, 120 appeared out of the snow, probably only doing 20 or 30 mph as they climbed the west side of the grade.  This section of railway was originally built by the Intercolonial Rwy in the 1870s.  The "last spike" was driven close to the other end of the siding.


Date: 02/18/21 04:59
Re: A Meet at Folly Lake
Author: cn6218

As 120 neared the west end, 407's crew was already out on either side of the main line to do the roll-by inspection.  The mile 25 hot box detector west of the siding switch, and 407's crew, didn't find anything out of place, and 120 continued on towards Halifax.

Fortunately there were no problems with the switch heaters, and 407 left the siding promptly too.  Slightly more than an hour later, 407 was rolling along at a good clip in Springhill Jct., mile 60 of the Springhill Sub, with their destination of Moncton, NB less than 2 hours away.


Date: 02/18/21 06:42
Re: A Meet at Folly Lake
Author: jdtravis

Nice series!! That 3rd photo invokes a feeling of loneliness in me.

Date: 02/18/21 10:42
Re: A Meet at Folly Lake
Author: feclark

The first shot is perfect! A calendar or Christmas card, with impressive drifts, too.

Date: 02/19/21 16:22
Re: A Meet at Folly Lake
Author: ns1000

Very nice..!!

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