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Canadian Railroads > February 15, 2021 in Nova Scotia

Date: 02/20/21 06:12
February 15, 2021 in Nova Scotia
Author: cn6218

Last Monday was another one of those days when CN decided to run 407 out of Halifax, rather than Dartmouth. An abundance of import containers was part of the reason, and 2582 and 8825 were crossing the pond at Bedford Quarry with about 5000 ft. of stacks, just after noon.

Unlike Sunday, they had to pick up Dartmouth cars at Kinsac this time.  The Bedford is usually pretty sleepy, but but this time the RTC had some juggling to do, with 120 nearing Truro, and 511 wanting to come back to Dartmouth from the mine in Milford.  The plan had been to have 407 meet 511 at Sandy Cove, and then meet 120 at Alton, but frozen switches at Sandy Cove put an end to that.  Even the arrival of two section crews couldn't get the switches freed in time, so 511 stayed at the mine, and 407 got a clear signal at the west end of Sandy Cove at 13:10, to head for Alton.

I moved west a few miles to shoot 511 in Enfield about 30 minutes later.


Date: 02/20/21 06:19
Re: February 15, 2021 in Nova Scotia
Author: cn6218

That just left 120, which had slowed down to have a better meet with 407 at Alton.  At 14:24 they were nearing mile 24 at Laurie Park, with 3 big DC units and a new switcher for Rockingham.  DPU 8808 was buried somewhere back in the train.

Then it was a race back to town for one last shot near mile 9, Moirs Mills in Bedford, at 14:53.


Date: 02/20/21 07:20
Re: February 15, 2021 in Nova Scotia
Author: Blackfoot

Love picture #4, the way the road and the tracks come together from opposite corners and then turn away from each other.  Very well done.


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