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Canadian Railroads > A good DPU day

Date: 02/20/21 13:13
A good DPU day
Author: Blackfoot

The older I get, the less inclined I am to go stomping around in the snow in search of trains, but today was worth the cold feet and frozen fingers.  Leaving the comfort of home, I went down to the old North Toronto Station on Yonge St and managed to catch train 113 meeting an eastbound intermodal, which was most likely 112 or 118.  Nothing really special, except for the DPU's.  Train 113 had heritage unit 7016 mid train and 6644 as the tail end unit, while the eastbound had 7020 as the mid train unit.


Date: 02/21/21 05:43
Re: A good DPU day
Author: Goldie

Top notch! Thanks for braving the weather.

Date: 02/21/21 08:45
Re: A good DPU day
Author: cn6218

You must be doin' something right to bag three of them in one day!


Date: 02/21/21 14:47
Re: A good DPU day
Author: King_Coal

Very nice day's work. CP obliged by keeping them on the clean side of the spectrum, even if not on the point. Well done all around.

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