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Canadian Railroads > VIA 2 departing Jasper

Date: 04/03/21 16:31
VIA 2 departing Jasper
Author: xcnsnake

Today's VIA 2 departed Jasper at 1701 with four locomotives elephant-style, a real mixed bag/equipment move and a coach behind "Banff Park".

Attached is a quick video grab of the last portion of the train.


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Date: 04/04/21 05:58
Re: VIA 2 departing Jasper
Author: DrawingroomA

Thanks for posting this interesting video. The last Park car is Yoho Park. Banff Park also appears to be a deadhead car. Both of these are "non-Prestige."

Date: 04/04/21 09:19
Re: VIA 2 departing Jasper
Author: xcnsnake

Thanks for the correction!, as the train rolled out of town I was trying to capture the "dog's breakfast" consist with the voice recorrder on my phone, then deciced to grab a little video instead:)

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