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Date: 04/07/21 07:01
Recent Dartmouth, NS Action
Author: cn6218

Besides the reliable gypsum train (511) on the Dartmouth Sub, an observer can usually count on seeing 407 some time in the morning, and the "West End Shunter", train 505.

On March 3, 2021, 407  rather late, only leaving Dartmouth Yard at 13:30 or so.  They're shown here crossing Akerley Blvd. (mile 8.70) in the Burnside Industrial Park.  The cars immediately behind the power are gondolas from AIM for scrap metal.  AIM is located at the  top of the park and generates a couple cars a day.  Dartmouth Metals is on a spur just off the main line and is less busy, but still gets switched at least once a week.  A pair of ACs on this train is an anomaly, Moncton must have been feeling generous.  The usual power is a pair of 1990s vintage 6-axle units.

After 407 cleared mile 7, 505 called the RTC to come out on the main line to return to Dartmouth.  They had to spot a car at Dartmouth Metals first, so it was almost an hour later when I saw them at Nootka Ave. (mile 10.55), nearing the end of the OCS limits.  There are some fairly steep grades in the Burnside Park, so two 4-axle units are usually on this job in order to make it up the hills, even if there aren't usually very many cars.


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