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Canadian Railroads > Some Random Scenes Around Halifax, NS

Date: 10/22/21 17:16
Some Random Scenes Around Halifax, NS
Author: cn6218

Here are a few images from last week that don't seem to fit with any particular theme.

1.  120 arriving in Rockingham Yard on October 12.  The three GEs have just taken the "Birch Cove switch" off the Transfer track to enter the ladder track for the H-yard in Rockingham.  The closest track is the main line, mostly used by VIA and 121 when it departs Rockingham each night.  The rear of the train can be seen in the distant background, tracing the shoreline of the Bedford Basin, about 2 miles back.

2.  The next day 120 arrived with a relatively new ET44AC leading three SD70M-2s.  The train has just entered the Transfer track, a few hundred yards back around the curve, at Millview.

3.  A bit later in the afternoon on the 13th, I caught ACL Atlantic Star backing towards the Fairview Cove container pier in Bedford Basin.  In the background is MOL Emissary, about to go under the A Murray MacKay bridge, after leaving Fairview Cove.  A tug has a line on the stern of the ship until it clears both harbour bridges, in case it looses its steering.  The vast majority of the containers which arrive on 120 will end up on ships like these.


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