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Canadian Railroads > Tuesday's Trains (Bedford Sub, NS)

Date: 11/19/21 08:58
Tuesday's Trains (Bedford Sub, NS)
Author: cn6218

Things were running a bit later than usual on November 16th in the Halifax, NS area.  CN Z120 was passing mile 14 of the Bedford Sub at Rocky Lake at 10:41, still 15 or 20 minutes away from Rockingham Yard.

L511, the gypsum train was also late, passing the mile 26 work site at 11:33.  If things are going well, the train is often coming back from Milford with a loaded train by this time of the morning.

And finally, L507 was getting close to Windsor Jct. on the Dartmouth Sub at 12:22.  It seems like this train can run any time of the day, and from Dartmouth or Halifax.  The crew is often called as early as 05:00, and the train is away well before daylight, but this time L508 from Moncton didn't arrive until mid morning.  This location has some photographic potential, but I may have to wait until freezing weather before I can venture out beyond the trees at the edge of the swamp.


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Date: 11/19/21 22:56
Re: Tuesday's Train (Bedford Sub, NS)
Author: feclark

Nicely framed third photo.

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