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Date: 11/23/21 00:04
Author: DGOLDE

Does the BCR/PGE Historical Society still exist?

Date: 11/23/21 04:54
Author: hoggerdoug

Not aware of a historical society as such.  Try www.wcra.org the museum in Squamish.
Several  active PGE / BC Rail forums on Face Book.

Date: 11/23/21 10:56
Author: TCnR

There's a couple of discussion sites on the web, the Facebook site and the Groups io site. Both sites are very active in history and modeling. The WCRA seems to be most substantial with actual property, equipment, actual rail operations and all that goes with it.

Don't have info on the Facebook site, here's the Group site, which has heritage to the old Yahoo Groups site:


Date: 11/26/21 09:45
Author: rschonfelder

I suggest the Facebook Group "British Columbia Railway & Pacific Great Eastern Interest Group" which was meant to be a hopeful continuation of the former BCR interest group and has attracted many of those who were contributors and members of the latter.  There are some who are unfortunately not Facebook users but they are part of the aforementioned email group.

There is also a Facebook group called "Classic BCR" (or something like that) which seemed to be started as it wasn't aware of the first group.

If you cannot find the first group mentioned above ("British Columbia Railway & Pacific Great Eastern Interest Group") drop me a PM note as I should be able to get you on as I'm Admin for that group.


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