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Date: 11/24/21 12:46
First Snowfall in Nova Scotia
Author: cn6218

There wasn't a lot in the Halifax area today, although it is still falling now.  John Reay tells me there is more up his way.  Not sure if he will be out for pictures or not.  L507 (formerly A407) got away from Rockingham with 8900 feet of train at 10:15 or so.  The RTC almost didn't let them go because there was no place for a meet with 120 (probably at least as long).  Several sidings have cars stored in them, including the 15,000 ft. one at Belmont, complicating matters.  In the end, 120 waited for over two hours at Springhill Jct. for 507 to get there.  L507 was passing the west end of the former Milford siding just after 11:00 with 3809 and 3929 for power.  The train was mostly containers, but did have some junk cars in the middle.  One thing I've never noticed before is "Fragile" stickers on a number of containers.  I thought at first they were haz mat placards until I got a closer look.

511 had been in the mine at East Milford while 507 went past, and as soon as the block was clear they called the RTC for permission to enter the main line.  It was snowing a little more heavily now, but I did get a couple shots, including this one in Waverley on the Dartmouth Sub.  The 3 units is very unusual.  They may have just grabbed all the power off 508 when it came into Dartmouth this morning.  Units were SD75I 5759, ES44DC 2220 and ES44AC 3915.



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Date: 11/24/21 16:12
Re: First Snowfall in Nova Scotia
Author: gaspeamtrak

Excellent pictures...:):):)

Date: 11/24/21 19:43
Re: First Snowfall in Nova Scotia
Author: Ritzville

Very NICE!!


Date: 11/25/21 02:40
Re: First Snowfall in Nova Scotia
Author: Train29

Is this the storm they canceled the Ocean for?  Doesn't look like much. 

Date: 11/25/21 06:56
Re: First Snowfall in Nova Scotia
Author: cn6218

Train29 Wrote:
> Is this the storm they canceled the Ocean for? 
> Doesn't look like much. 

No, VIA got cold feet over an expected heavy rain storm on Monday and Tuesday.  Not too bad in Halifax, but there were some roads washed out in other parts of the province.  On Monday, all the freights leaving Halifax and Dartmouth got a special "flash flood warning" added to their TGBOs by the RTC.  AFAIK, CN didn't have any serious washouts in the Maritimes, but it could be a different story for CBNS.  The main street in Antigonish was under several feet of water at one point, and the main line isn't much higher than that. 

But the rain was nowhere near as bad as in BC, partly because there aren't very many rivers here that are long enough to collect a lot of water before dumping into the ocean.  The Saint John River in NB is one exception, and people there are quite used to what happens when it floods.  The water is high in the Shubenacadie River here in Nova Scotia, but not flooding anything that doesn't normally flood in the spring anyway.


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